Poze Alarma wireless solara cu senzor de miscare

Alarma wireless solara cu senzor de miscare

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Pret: 275 RON

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Detalii produs

Lampa solara cu senzor de miscare si alarma wireless.
Poate fi folosita atat ca lampa solara cat si ca alarma cu senzor de miscare.
Se aprinde si/sau da alarma la sesizarea unei miscari.
Lumina puternica cu 12 leduri si alarma puternica.
Detecteaza miscare de pana la 8-10m.
Usor de instalat si nu necesita fire.

Solar Motion LED Light and Alert

Lights up your entrance or hallway when movement is detected.
Switchable light or alarm.
Totally cordless, no batteries needed. Solar Powered.

Keep outdoor areas and your home safe with this Solar Motion LED Light and Alert.

The motion detector sensor activates the light and alert deterring nuisance animals, burglars etc from your property. It can detect movement upto 20ft away.

Alternatively the alert can be turned off to allow use as a handy motion sensor light in cupboards, hallways etc.

Easy installation, no wiring required as solar powered.

Measures: 12 x 9 x 6cms.

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Detalii produs

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