Poze Dispozitiv solar anticartite antifurnici antidaunatori

Dispozitiv solar anticartite antifurnici antidaunatori

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Detalii produs

100% brand new and high quality 

Dispozitiv solar anticartite antifurnici , soareci, antidaunatori
Lampa solara si dispozitiv impotriva daunatorilor.
Emite sunete si lumini rosii la anumite intervale de timp.
96 de tipuri de fregvente de  ultrasunete.

Detailed Product Description

Use the sonic to repel the moles. 

Battery: rechargeable Ni-MH AA x 3pcs.
Solar panel charge voltage: >5.5V.
Short-circuit current: <90mA.
Red bright LED: 4pcs.
3 modes for selection: auto-change frequency, off, and single frequency.
Auto-change frequency: 200 to 900Hz, duty cycle: sounds every 20 to 40sec.
Single frequency: 400Hz, duty cycle: sounds every 40sec.
Operating time: about 15 days(after fully charged).
When emitting the ultrasound,the red LED will flash at the same time.
Ultrasound emit: used IC programming, ultrasound emitted time and frequency are different
                               every time.
Ultrasound frequency emit in order: 499, 527, 729, 391, 340, 330, 210, 364, 719, 235, 305, 281,
                                                             890, 206, 369, 574, and more.
Total: 96 types of the ultrasound frequency.
Solar power mouse repeller, No poisons and chemicals, no pollutions and no harm to human, environment friendly 

Transforms the solar energy into electric energy and saves in the rechargeable battery 
A device powered by solar energy, making use of ultrasonic waves to repel harmful rodents (moles, voles..) 

Stimulates mice or other harmful rodents’ cerebral nervous system via analog ultrasonic, which makes them weary and frightened and thus drives them out 
Produces ultrasonic of variable frequencies, the mice can never adapt to it 
Works day and night 
Suitable for using in open air garage, garden, lawn, etc

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Detalii produs

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