Poze Incarcator acumulatori AA si AAA pentru NiZn


Incarcator acumulatori AA si AAA pentru NiZn

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cest incarcator este special pentru baterii reincarcabile nichel zinc.

This charger can charge any combination of AA AAA in NiZn (Nickel Zinc) battery Only

Model: Ultracell Plus+ 4P80T-NiZn
Compatible Chemistry: NiZn (Nickel Zinc)
Inpt Voltage: AC85V~245V
Input Frequency: 47~63Hz
Charging Output: DC 1.90V 1500mA
AA 1500mAx1, AA 750mAx2, AA 500mAx3, AA 375mAx4
AAA 750mAx1, AAA 375mAx2, AAA 250mAx3, AAA 188mAx4
Support to charge batteris with any capacity.
Size (approx.): 108mmx63mmx26mm 
Weight : ~78g

ex: 1pc 3000mah battery take 2hrs
ex: 2pcs 3000mah battery take 4 hr

LED Indicators 
Red light on : Charging, 
Red light Flash : low mA Charging (recovering battery)
Green Light on : Fully Charged
Green Light Flash : Reversed polaity / Error (Maybe defective battery).

- Using the latest MCU technology control (-Delta V detection) 
- which automatically controls the charging process 
- Four independent charging channels for individual battery charging and 
detection.(any combination of AA AAA charging simultaneously)
- Constant charging current mode; trickle current when fully charged 
- Over Temperature Protection (60 C)
- Reverse Polarity Protection
- Short Circuit Protection
- Low Battery Leakage Current
- Low Voltage Restore Feature

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